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1 flaske (500 ml)
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Fermentert Beer Vinager, øleddik, fra B.Culture! B.cultures øleddik begynte som et prosjekt for å utnytte øl som gikk ut på dato fordi det ikke kunne selges under corona nedstengningene. Sluttresultatet er en smaksrik og potent øleddik som passer perfekt i dressinger, marinader eller som en frisk avslutning i supper eller sauser.






Om produsenten B.Culture

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b.culture was founded by Will Moffat and Mikael Svensson in November 2020. In the fall we sat down for a meeting to discuss having Will produce a specific miso that was unavailable on the Norwegian market, as well as the possibility of utilising different byproducts from Kontrast and fermenting them into something that could be reintroduced to the menu or even sold. This was the beginning of b.culture.

The founding concept of b.culture is to work as locally as we can, implementing techniques from all over the globe to transform byproducts from Kontrast and other sources into unique premium items. We want to make these accessible for the Norwegian market instead of a few isolated places. Everything is organic and/or repurposed because we love the planet.

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